Friday, February 19, 2016

26.09.2015 - Mr & Mrs Tay

As I mentioned in my previous post that I will update my Big Day so here we go:

First all of we need an auspicious date for our big day. Without the date we can't book the venue. My MIL took both of our 八字 to Master Long Tian Xiang which I heard/read that he is quite famous or good. After Master Long finished seeing our 八字 both of us went down and meet him. Yes, he is indeed a nice guy when you meet him and we were told that if there is anything we need or clarify we can just contact him.

Set our big day on 26.09.2015 and started looking out for venue. We were rather budget so we did not go for those expensive hotel to host our big day. Orchid Country Club was actually my 1st choice of venue so send an enquiry to them like 1 year back and I thought I was rather Kia Su already but didn't expect some newly wed are more kia su than I do. No choice, the ballroom that I want to get was occupied so went for Orchard Parade Hotel as my 2nd choice.

I was rather lucky to meet up with the Banquet Manager and confirm my date with  him earlier as I was told that after a few days they are going to change the menu and definitely the price actually increase as well. So I'm actually glad that I finalized my location earlier at Orchard Parade Hotel (By Tung Lok).

Next... We went to "My Dream Wedding" for my gown selection. To be frank, their gowns seem to be pretty but their design quite limited however, their service definitely the BEST. They are so friendly till the extend that make you feel like you are a friend to them rather than customer. Nothing can be describe more. Selected a damn simple design gown and a pink gown for evening. Actually want to choose a red gown for evening but like I said their design quite limited therefore I go for a pink one.

Not gonna write the whole story of the procedure of the AD but to cut it short and simple:

- Early in the morning had a makup at about 5.30am
- Parent cover the veil for the bride at about 7.30am
- Gate Crash for at least 1 hr 30 mins
- Fetch the bride
- Went to MacRitchie Reservoir Park for outdoor shoot
- Back to the Groom house for Tea Ceremony
- Bride & Groom change outfit to Kua (Chinese Traditional Wedding Suits)
- Back to the Bride House for Tea Ceremony
- End of Morning Session (Estimate 1.30pm)

- Evening: Make up start at 4pm
- Solemnization at 6.30pm
- Banquet start at 8pm
- End of banquet 11.30pm

Makeup Artiste: Shirlene Tan
Photographer: Robert Sim
Videographer: Jimmy
Solemnizer: Tan Hock Hua
Wedding Band: JannPaul

Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Little Changes

It has been 3 years long since my last update on year 2012. Time flies. I thought I won't be continuing any update till recently I have the mood to do some blogging but probably it won't last quite long.

Well just to keep my blog alive, I did a small change to my header image. :)

Anyway, I am a married woman for 2 months & 2 weeks+ after dating with Mr Tay for 9 years+. What a long relationship we have. All I want to say is "HE IS THE MAN I WANT IN MY WHOLE LIFE" and other than him I don't think I will meet someone else who can treat me better than him except my Dad. Haha. Sound a bit too exaggeration but it is truthful from heart ♥.

After marriage life there is not much changes in between us except seeing each other everyday. Life still goes on as per normal. Let me share a single photo of us before I end my updating. I will update more about my big day. Stay tune~

26.09.2015 - The day we tied the knot together 

Wednesday, September 05, 2012


OH! I has been more than 2 months since I blogged. Getting more and more lazy to blog.

Well, I'm officially graduated from TEMASEK POLYTECHNIC! Yes! Although to people it consider late for graduating in polytechnic but at least I got my local diploma. :) I won't be getting my certificate this year but next year around MAY! Isn't it long?? Oh my!!

So ......

Done with my studies and now concentrating on my driving. It is fun driving manual car but it piss me off easily at times. Not the instructor problem but my problem. Eventually when i release clutch, I don't even dare to press my accelerator which cause the car engine DIE! It is already my 21 lessons (including 1 auto driving) and I still can't managed my biting point with accelerator. *BANG WALL* Just left with a few lessons to complete so I wish myself good luck!

Going off for my driving lesson.. BYE!!

❤ End of Post .........

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Big Bang Concert

Will I be able to book Big Bang Concert Tickets for 5?

Omg. This is so nervous. In about 8hr 30mins public will be able to purchase Big Bang concert tickets but I got a very strong feeling that I am not able to get the chance to buy it. How how how?!

Pray hard that tml i will be able to get it! PLEASE!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Driving Driving

A short entry .......

Pass my final theory test alrdy and i'm going to drive in e road real soon. So nervous. Manual Manual Manual! I was told to take up manual car instead of auto car though now most of the people drive auto car but ... no matter what manual is still the best and e most complicated. Will I drive half way of manual den drop to auto lesson?! :)

Assignments on hand are too much and too difficult to complete...

DAMN IT!! This is so not FUN anymore even it is e last semester of e year!

Before I end my entry, come and catch a video on Big Bang - Monster MV!

End of Post .........

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Massive Spending

Here come another week of new entry. :) Last blog date was on e 12th April 2012 and today is 22nd April 2012. 10 days for not touching my blog entry.

Well ..... Tomorrow date is 23rd April 2012 which mean my 1st day of school start and also my last semester. Less than half a year and i'm going to graduate from TP (Temasek Polytechnic) and face e working world with super a lot of politics. Seriously, I really cannot imagine how it will look like but doesn't matter for now as long as I just enjoy my last semester of school life first. :)

For e past 1 week been Gmarket shopping a lot again. I, myself said that I'm broke and yes I really broke but i still spend.. Now i told myself that I should buy thing that what I need and not what I want. I did do what I said but definitely not 100%.

Let see what I bought:

THE FACESHOP "Flebote Collagenic XP"
It is a eye lifting cream that help to prevents skin from getting winkles.
Yes... I'm not that young anymore so I need to use something that can help to prevent winkles from my eyes area. The smell of the eye cream is nice.


Camel color bag for school
It is a pretty nice bag that cost S$23 and of cos it fit A4 but... e bag size is quite small. When I just put 1 box file in, I can't put any much things inside it anymore. Quite wasted but still will bring it to school 1 day.

What else? No more Gmarket but Mitju flat shoes.

 A pair of flat shoes from "Mitju".
After buying 2 pair of flat shoes from TW which is 1 year plus back, I didn't really buy any flat shoes from SG till last few week that went to The Central  "Mitju" shop and this pair of shoes caught my eye. Price was quite reasonable and shoes material are good. :)

This 3 things added up cost me nearly $100. Maybe in 1 week time doesn't cost a lot but for people who is not working like me consider a lot! No income yet spend so much! Gosh! I think 1 of my sister saw it will start to sigh as she is e 1 that ask me to save up and buy things that I need and not I want. Haha.. I think this 3 things are e things that I need it but people might not think it this way. :)

* I always don't really know how to end my entry *
Well shall end it here and get prepare to sleep for tml school.

❤ End of Post .........

Thursday, April 12, 2012

11 days left

Finally I'm back in this blog again! Getting more & more lazy after my internship. I want to blog but there wasn't much things for me to blog lately & guess what? My school gonna start in 11 days time.. Not really looking forward to it due to Major Project. There shall be lot of things that need to complete such as "Project Report, Flyer, Presentation Slide and etc etc". Hopefully there won't be any LAST MINUTE work.

Ever since my internship end, I have been blog shopping through gmarket and other webs. OMG! Credit Card bill not yet settle. Well, well, well... I'm in love with the T-shirts that I bought through Gmarket and loving the red in color most. :)

Additional, I also bought a watch through Gmarket. Though the quality wasn't that good but it look so nice that actually attracted me to buy it. Seller even gave 1 free battery to e buyer.

Lastly, when I'm really super bored at home .. I usually take picture. :) If reality I can look this young, I'm so happy.

Shall end e post of e day here. :)

❤ End of Post .........